Rp. 2,300,000


3 main channels to push water backwards to assist with efficiency and power.

The best quality rubber makes this fin ultra durable and long lasting.

Some plastic fins are positively buoyant, so when you’re in proper position which should be 10 degrees midline of horizontal, they can bring your feet up too high and keep reaching for the sky so to speak, bringing you inverted and to the point where if you don’t correct it to a point where  you turtle flipping and rolling.

A little bit of weight from the fin, not in the form of ankle weights (which will bring you legs down too low) may keep your feet in the perfect position.


  • Black, Grey, Green, Yellow, Red & Orange.


M 6-8 39-41 24-25 46 CM
L 9-11 42-44 26-27 48.5 CM
XL 12-13 45-46 28-29 51 CM