Functional Principle of ENOS System

Functional Principle of ENOS System

  1. The ENOS®-Receiver is placed onboard the dive boat. It has determined its GPS position [A] through the GPS satellites.
  2. After surfacing the divers activating their ENOS®- Beacons which relays a 1st Alert to the ENOS®-Receiver on the boat. Now the crew is immediately informed about the case of emergency. Then the ENOS®-Beacon determines its GPS position [B] automatically.
  3. After ENOS®-Beacon has evaluated its GPS position [B] it transmits the data automatically to the ENOS®- Receiver by a license free radio frequency. Using its own GPS position [A] and the received GPS position [B] from the Beacon, ENOS®-Receiver then determines the exact distance and bearing from the boat to the diver in need. This data is displayed clearly and simply on the ENOS®- Receiver screen.


Handling of ENOS® Beacon ETX

After activating ENOS®-Beacon the LED on the top of the housing is lashing. Holding the Beacon above the surface provides the determination of the GPS data and the transmission to the ENOS®-Receiver. Now the ENOS®-Beacon relays a 1st i Alert directly to the ENOS®-Receiver onboard the boat. The crew is instantly informed about the diver in need on the surface. If the diver is still visible the rescue starts NOW! If the diver is not visible the crew just have to wait until ENOS®-Beacon has determined its GPS position which are relayed automatically directly to the ENOS®-Receiver. Now the crew knows the exact position of the diver! To keep the crew informed about the current position of the diver and to refresh the data of distance and bearing to him, ENOS®-Beacon relays all 20 seconds an update of diver‘s GPS position to the ENOS®-Receiver!


ENOS®―The  worldwide unique rescue system.

  1. No search for missing divers! Thanks to the precise data on ENOS®-Receiver screen the crew always know the location of the drifting divers.
  2. Every ENOS®-Receiver receives all alerts from all ENOS®-Beacons located in its receiving range! Even from divers who belong to other boats.
  3. Every beacon can be personalized! ”External“ alerts are also shown with all necessary data for a speedy rescue but without name of the diver = without personalization. In the igure above diver No. 2 belongs to another boat.
  4. Worldwide, ENOS® is the one and only rescue system for divers which is able to receive, to evaluate and to display multiple alerts simultaneously!

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