Aquatec mask box

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The plastic protective mask box worked very well. All the masks are fit well and was well protected. The box is sturdy. Is rather bulky for packing but not sure how it could be any smaller and protect the mask. Would recommend the product.

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For the price you cant beat this mask box! It fits most mid-sized masks and offers great protection for your mask from all of the other equipment in your gear bag. Also works great for storing other miscellaneous dive gear such as replacement straps, lanyards, etc. The lid is fully removable and offers a good seal from water and the elements. This makes it easier to find when you are digging through your gear bag for your mask. I find that when it comes to diving “simple is better” and this is a great simple product at an awesome price. If you are thinking of buying one my suggestion is to get a couple of them as you wont have any problems finding a use for them!
Scuba Gear Technical Information:
For each kind of mask.
Material: Polypropylene.


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