Aquatec mouthpiece 600

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Bridged scuba mouthpieces have an arched piece of silicon connecting the bite tabs. This silicon “bridge” sits against the roof of the diver’s mouth, locking the scuba mouthpiece in place and reducing the effort required to keep the scuba mouthpiece in place.

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Your teeth and mouth are very involved in scuba diving,” says diving dentist Eric Curtis, D.D.S., of Safford, Ariz., and spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). “If either is in poor health or is not treated properly, you can find yourself with jaw joint pain, gum tissue problems, or ‘tooth squeeze’ — pain in the center of the tooth caused by changing pressures,” he says.MP-600 scuba mouthpiece currently on the market. It actually destroys or reduces the growth and distribution of many harmful micro-organisms and infectious bacteria. Scuba regulator mouthpiece has two small, untextured tabs which the diver bites down on to keep the regulator in his mouth. These scuba mouthpieces fit easily inside most divers’ mouths
Scuba Gear Technical Information:
Material: non-toxic Silicone.
Color: Black, Clear

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