Aquatec power inflator 760

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This a replacement Oral & Power Inflator incorporating the standard BC quick disconnect post compatible with the slide-lock Schrader Valve fitting found on ordinary low pressure BC inflator hoses. This widely used power inflator fits the 1-inch inside diameter corrugated rubber hose found on most tek BC

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Most single tank air cells come standard with a low-pressure hose, oral/power inflator, corrugated hose, and depending on the model either a remote exhaust elbow dump valve or plain elbow. With a remote exhaust elbow, a cable runs from the inflator inside the corrugated hose up to the remote exhaust dump valve. To exhaust gas from the air cell, you need only tug gently on the inflator.
Scuba Gear Technical Information:
Standard Power Inflator. Can Be Used to Retrofit Most BCDs
Steel Pin in Air Outlet to Connect to BCD “Pull Dump” Feature
Uses Standard LP Inflator Hose and 1″ Corrugated BCD Hose
Ridge on Outside of Air Outlet to Create a Secure Seal with the BCD Corrugated Hose
Great Ergonomic Design Allows Access to All Two Functions: Inflate and Deflate.
Comfortable Mouthpiece for Easy Oral Inflation
Length: 550 mm/21.7 inch.


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