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NEW Receiver version which is already available! 

  1. It’s a permanent installed Receiver providing following benefits:
  2. The screen is always in the eye of the captain;
  3. This model can be mounted (almost) everywhere on the bridge even when the bridge is full of other nautical instruments
  4. NO hole in captain’s board is necessary for a permanent installation!

FYI: The sockets for the GPS and Radio Receiving Antennas are at the backside and not on the front plate which is why they are not visible on the photos.

  1. The brackets are made from 100 % Stainless Steel and absolutely rust-free
  2. It’s called ERX-PB (E = ENOS, RX = Receiver, P Permanent, B Brackets)
    or MRX-PB because it’s also available for MOBOS® users, of course.

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