Professional Scuba Tool Kit

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65-piece Professional Diver Tool, Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit, Diver’s Tool Kit Set, 65 Piece Professional Diver Tool Kit, Tools for a safe dive, Scuba divers tool kit, Diver’s Tool Kit with Zippered Pouch

If you are on a dive boat and there is just a burst O-ring to change or a hose to screw tight, you will be happy to have your tools with you! This little tool kits will keep you from calling a dive over a loose hose fitting or a lost O-ring. Having the necessary tools to fix minor issues that may arise with your gear save yourself some dive time and a little money by fixing things yourself. If you do not know what to do, please do not try this on your own. Of course, technical maintenance like disassembling the regulator, changes of spare parts etc. should be handled by a professional support such as the manufacturer or authorized persons.
Scuba Gear Technical Information:
Great Addition to the Serious Divers Save-a-Dive Kit.
Perfect for handling all of your dive gear repairs.
Complete Set of Tools and Parts.
Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
Zippered CORDURA pouch with top grab handle for organization.
TK-100 scuba divers tool kit includes:
(1 )” +” Phillips head screwdrivers x 1pc.
(2 )”- ” Flat head screwdriver x 1 pc.
(3) Adjustable wrench (8″-200mm) x 1PC
(4) Needle nose plier with side-cutters (PLIERS) x 1pc.
(5) Spanner wrench (3/4″-2″) x 1pc.
(6) Professional brass o-ring pick set x 3 pcs.
(7) Stander first stage adjusting tool x 1 pc.
(8) Swivel first stage adjusting tool x 1pc.
(9) Second stage adjustment poppet tools (3 head) x 1 pc.
(10) Second stage adjustment poppet tools (4 head) x 1 pc.
(11) Multi-tool 8 in one x 1Pc.
(12) “S” sha[e wrench x 2pcs (2 Specially Developed Thin” Scuba Wrenches: Fit Most Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage Hose Fittings 4-Sizes: 5/8″, 9/16″ on One-Wrench, 1/2″, 11/16″ on Other Thin” Design for Easy-Access to Hose Wrench-Flats that Standard” Thick Open-End Wrenches Don’t)
(13) First stage headle bar ( for first stage HP & LP Port) x 1 pc.
(14) Silicone grease x 1 pc.
(15) O-ring kit. ( AS568-010 x 10 pcs, AS568-011 x 10 pcs, AS568-012 x 5 pcs, AS568-014 x 10 pcs, AS568-015 x 5 pcs)


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