Weight belt plastic Buckle

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This Dive Weight Belt Buckle is a suitable replacement to your damaged, broken or lost buckle from your scuba diving or free diving weight belt. BK-205 Dive Weight Belt Buckle threads easily to standard a two-inch nylon webbing or rubber weight belt. So don’t go on a vacation without a spare Dive Weight Belt Buckle.

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Scuba Gear Technical Information:
Quick-Release Buckle.
Easy to adjust and release.
As this Nylon quick release buckle is suitable for use with standard 50 mm (2 inch) nylon webbing
It is ideal for replacing plastic buckles found on other belts, for making your own weight belts or harnesses from webbing, or for BC buckle replacement.
The quick release belt buckle has 2 slots to ensure the webbing cannot slip improving diver safety.
A must have piece of diving equipment for any divers spares bag or tool box.
Size: 2 in / 5.1 cm
Material: Nylon.
Color: Black.


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