Tips When Buying Scuba Dive Equipment for the First Time

When it comes to buying scuba diving gear it can be difficult to know when you should buy and what you should buy.

Here are some guidelines as well as pros, cons and suggestions for both new divers and experienced divers to help you navigate your way around the dive store!

Remember the scuba diving gear you buy will be responsible for keeping you alive underwater, so buying second hand gear may not be the best idea unless you are sure it has been maintained and serviced regularly and is in good working order.

Buying or Renting Diving Instruments?

In many areas around the globe you can begin your scuba vacation with as meager as most dive schools will be happy to rent out their scuba dive gear to the people who dive and train with them.

Renting can be awesome on the off chance that you are new to scuba diving, however once you have got a feel for the sport and plan to dive on a regular basis, renting can become expensive and this is where buying becomes the better option.

We would advise all first-time scuba divers to at least own their own snorkeling gear: mask, snorkel and fins. These can be acquired both on the web and in divehub shop. Although it is always recommended to try on the mask before purchase to make sure it fits the size of your face.

The best way to find this is to place the mask over your eyes and nose (without the strap) and suck the air through your nose to create a vacuum.  If the mask stays on your face, it is a good fit.  A snorkel and fins are also good pieces of SCUBA dive equipment to buy if you are new to the sport as not only will they fit you correctly (unlike rented gear) but they are center things of your scuba diving gear and simple to transport!

Other Essential SCUBA Items and Accessories

Beside your mask, snorkel and weight belt you will likewise require a wetsuit that is suited to the environment you will dive in – a dry suit for icy waters, a full-length wetsuit for hotter waters and a Shorty wetsuit for tropical environments. Which suit type you pick will depend on where you dive, how often, how deep and how long.

Another essential part of your SCUBA gear is your dive regulator. It consists of a first stage, one regular second stage and a reserve second stage – the octopus. It comes with some diving instruments like depth gauge, pressure gauge and compass.

A High-Pressure Sensor from your dive computer can be connected the first stage too. This will allow the computer to calculate and display certain information to you. We recommend to own a dive computer or dive watch and never share this with another diver.

The dive computer becomes important when you plan multiple dives on a day. The computer will help you to calculate your remaining dive time according to your own dive profile.

A BCD or WING JACKET is also recommended to own if you are going to be diving regularly. Having your own will enable you to know its capacities and how to operate it. There are more lighter travel versions of BCD’s available if you are a frequent scuba dive traveler. For technical divers we recommend WING JACKETS.

Other choice additional items incorporate a dive, a light and a written work slate. You may likewise need to invest in protect gear, for example, a SMD, a reef hook, a reel or a dive knife.

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