Aquatec console gauge GP200

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Console included Depth gauge (70 Meter), Pressure gauge (400 BAR), High Pressure Hose (350 BAR), PU Housing.

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Scuba Gear Technical Information:
Included: Pressure gauge, Depth gauge, High Pressure Hose, PU Housing.
Pressure Gauge:
Case material: Chromium plated brass
End scale: 400 BAR. (5800 PSI).
Special characteristics: Fluorescence Meter & Feet plate, Rotating bevel.
Diameter: 42 mm (1.65 inch).
Depth Gauge:
Tilt potential of 25 degrees.
End scale: 70 Meter (230 Feet).
Special characteristics: Fluorescence Meter & Feet plate.
Diameter: 43 mm (1.69 inch).
High Pressure House:
Standard: EN 250
Length: 760 mm (29.92 inch).
Diameter: 10 mm (0.39 inch).
Working Pressure: 350 BAR. (5070 PSI).


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