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Scuba Regulator Service SOP.


The repair and maintenance are broken down into 5 basic steps:

3.Inspection and Replacement of parts
5.Fine tuning

1. Disassembly

Remove all hoses and port plugs from the stage.
Remove yoke screw.
Remove / stage components as per regulator model.
1st stage first, followed by the primary 2″ stage and then the octopus.

WARNING! Use the current regulator schematic

2. Cleaning

Remove grease form component parts.
Place parts into ultra-sonic cleaning machine.
Rinse component parts.
Wipe dry and/or blow dry residual water.

3. Inspection and Replacement of parts

Carefully inspect all surfaces and components, look for scratches on internal components, dents on the orifice, deep indentation on the seating surfaces, any abnormality.
Manufacturer will determine what parts must be replaced during yearly service on particular models.
Ensure that the proper parts are present.

WARNING! You must determine if any other component should also be Replaced.

4. Assembly

Assemble the 1″ stage components first

Follow the procedure outlined for the various model.

5. Fine Tuning


SCUBA Regulator 1st and 2nd Stage Service

The price listed INCLUDES LABOR CHARGE. If under warranty we will bill the Manufacturer for parts, if warranty proof is provided. Additional repair parts, if required, are NOT covered and there MAY be additional charges for all parts.
All repairs are performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical service manual.
Standard Service time is 3 working days (Not Including Shipping Time). Rapid service will be charged extra.

You may contact our Service technicians directly for further information or for a detailed estimate once they have received your Regulators for inspection. If no contact is made, we will repair back to factory specifications as required WhatsApp(+6287788990006).

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If any service from us does not meet your expectations, we will readjust or service the item again at no charge within 60 days from the date of service.

Sending Equipment to Us for Service

•We service all brands we sell.
•We suggest you send your entire regulator, including octopus, for service because problems that appear to be in one stage are often caused by problems in the other stage.

•Enter an order for service using the shopping cart. We recommend only including the service on the order, because any other products included on the order would not ship until service on your equipment is completed and the entire order is ready to ship.

•If you have any specific problems or concerns with the equipment, please make note of them in the special instructions in a separate note attached to the equipment. Print a copy of your order for inclusion in the package with your equipment.

•Package your equipment for shipment and be sure to include a copy of your order in the package. Please indicate your Order Number on the outside of your package.

•Choose for us to email you a JNE return label (RP100.000 charge) or Ship to us via any small package shipper you choose. We will return your equipment to you via the shipping method you indicate on your order.


The customer will be receiving a full report with the serviced regulator/BCD, the pictures or videos that will be taken before and after the service will be sent the customer’s WhatsApp and/or email address.



Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to [email protected]