Aquatec Regulator 2100SG

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At the end of the main air hose is the regulator second stage that we breathe from. The second stage reduces the air pressure in the air hose to the exact pressure we need for breathing comfortably underwater. The mouthpiece is the part of the regulator second stage that we put in our mouth to breathe through.

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Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Type: Downstream demand valve with external air intake adjustment.
  • Intermediate pressure: 140 PSI.
  • Inhalation effort: 1.1-1.4 CIW (Column inches of Water).
  • Exhalation efferot: 1.1 CIW.
  • Flow rate: 30+SCFM (Air supply: 3000PSI).
  • Air Flow: 33 cu.ft. (935 Liter/min) @ 1 atmosphere
  • Exhalation Effort: 0.6 inch (1.52 cm) W.C. max @ 1 atm.
  • Weight: 193.5g (0.42 lb).
  • Non-adjustable.


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