Aquatec power inflator 230

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The Scuba-Alert Power Inflator is a BCD power inflator that has a built in air powered horn. This built-in horn surpasses the performance of the in-line type of underwater horn. This extra volume is due to the large size of the housing unit. This large housing provides a bigger box for the sound to resonate and produce a louder sound. This horn works BOTH underwater and on the Surface.

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Scuba Gear Technical Information:
Standard Power Inflator with Built-In Underwater Horn, Can Be Used to Retrofit Most BCDs
Horn Works Both Underwater and on the Surface!
Steel Pin in Air Outlet to Connect to BCD “Pull Dump” Feature
Uses Standard LP Inflator Hose and 1″ Corrugated BCD Hose
Ridge on Outside of Air Outlet to Create a Secure Seal with the BCD Corrugated Hose
Great Ergonomic Design Allows Access to All Three Functions: Inflate, Deflate, and Horn
Comfortable Mouthpiece for Easy Oral Inflation
Horn is Very Loud Above Water-Keep Away From Ears at All Times
Volume: Approx. 115-125 dB.


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